Galati Industrial Park
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Clusters role

On the background of the current cris is and the difficulties of adapting to new market requirements, clusters represent a tool for improving regional and national competitiveness. The concept of cluster implies thata nation can force economic development, promote cooperation between companies, universities, research institutes, customers, competitors and suppliers in aparticular geographic area, which leads to a continuous development of business by entering new markets.

Since clusters influences productivity, innovation, entrepreneurship, businesses and industry and of course the regional economic development, the actors participants are represented by the economic,academicand public authorities. Over time it was observed the necesity of a catalyst. In this context, an important place has Industrial Park as it can createa solid business in trastructure that follows as a result community development by increasing exports, increase productivity, increase gross value added, creating new companies, and expanding current businesses by attracting foreign direct investment.

The role of business hubs

Business incubators are structures created to support early-stage business development activity. Them who have ideas but not the necessary support for development. Analysts estimate that a common cause of business failure is the lack of start-up financial support because small firms are forced to operate in the market based on its own resources, without the benefit of financial support that can help them to cope with the pressures of the competitive environment.

The companies selected are hosted in the Business Incubator for a determined period of time (incubation cycle) interval in which they will receive financial support, consulting services and office spaces. Along with thelogistical support of starting the business, the Industrial Park of Galati through the incubator provides a favorable environment for business development by facilitating networking activities, the transfer of know-how and support in developing partnerships.

All theseare designed to support the development of companies so that it can reach a level of stability and autonomy to enable them to leave the incubator and functioningon their own, with in creased opportunities to face the competitive environment.