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Industrial Park of Galati interested in reducing costs by investing in renewable energy

Since the annual global investment in renewable energy increased in recent years from 39 billion dollars in 2005 to 55 billion in 2006, for 2007 reached $ 100 billion, and in 2010, green technologies have attracted 243 billion in financing and investing, Industrial Park SRL Galati held a debate, on 02.13.2013 on “Exchange of information on reducing costs by investing in renewable energy”.

In the debate have addressed topics such as

Typical investments in energy efficiency
Typical investment in renewable energy
Economic aspects of sustainable energy investments , and
Presentation programs EU / EBRD EEFF and RoSEFF presentation was made by representatives of company Tractebel Engineering, a company that originated in Belgium and has offices all over the world (England, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Thailand, Czech Republic, Italy, Africa Sud, France, Indonesia, Panama, Poland, Brazil, Chile, Romania ) .
The debate was attended by representatives of local companies, and representatives of public institutions “Chamber of Commerce and Industry” and representatives “Small and Medium Entrepreneurs” .