Galati Industrial Park
Safe and successful business

Advantages of choosing Industrial Park Galati:

  • Strategic position:

Galati Industrial Park is strategically located near the Free Zone Galati, on the border with Ukraine and Moldova, with access to the Danube, 80 km from the Black Sea. Access to important transport lines rivers (the Rhine – Main – Danube), of mixed Russian-European rail transport (including transfers to broad gauge) and road through the national road DN 2B;
Has access to the docks so that it can benefit companies of the port services: loading / unloading of a variety of goods, stacking / mooring cargo on any means of transport, storage concrete platforms and / or deposits.

  • Structure and infrastructure:

Galati Industrial Park offers investors an area of 21.8 ha, with the possibility of extending them, an industrial hall with Ac = Ad = 1157 sqm. and H = 9.12 m and administrative offices in the headquarters area of 1463 sqm ²
Provides utilities necessary to carry out (water, wastewater treatment plant, electricity, gas, sewerage);

  • Tax exemptions:

Business development within it involves getting relief from certain taxes:

  • Exemption from tax on land leased / rented land suitable for the industrial park
  • Exemption from tax on buildings, according buildings belonging industrial park infrastructure
  • Exemption from payment of any fees owed to local budgets of administrative-territorial units for the issuance of any certificate of urbanism, building permits and / or demolition of building permits for the land and buildings of park infrastructure, which are part of the industrial park;

  • Additional Services:

Galati Industrial Park provides support enterprises by creating urban routes (routes desired setting, conventions, etc.) support in making business opens in Galati: procedures, laws, etc

  • Competitive position on the map business destinations due to promote the following values:

Strong business community – Industrial Park will have access to companies and people who share an interest in investment, entrepreneurship, business and innovation, Industrial Park promotes business opportunities among the local business community, national and international;

Connect to the global market business – Through its work, the Industrial Park can enhance and create long lasting business relationships with countries such as France, Netherlands, India, China, Russia, Ukraine, and so on;

Entrepreneurship – Industrial Park supports local entrepreneurs with quality service at competitive costs;

Innovation and Technology – Park engage in projects supporting clusters of incubation and technology transfer, Click here for details .

Access to finance – Industrial Park has the ability to attract funding for extensive and intensive development measures in the business environment.

  • Industrial Park can populate the business support infrastructure that offers the following services and activities:

  • One-Stop-Shop, service for entrepreneurs and investors – business establishment, legal advice, tax advice;
  • Grants and repayable for SMEs – advice and assistance;
  • Co-working space for mini-entrepreneurs, innovators, researchers – promoting co-working system;
  • Training by developing programs and attracting funding for these programs;
  • Global Connection by developing a network of international cooperation, Galati will be positioned as a competitive destination and connected to business trends in Europe.

Regarded as the concentration of specific organizations and activities, Industrial Park, performs a methodical and professional promotion activity and business opportunities, in order to the sustainable development of the South-East of Romania. This promotional activity is materialized by participating in trade fairs, exhibitions and conferences, organizing periodic press conferences, supporting the activities of partners and come to meet their diverse needs solving. In the light of these goals, Industrial Park constantly exhibit opening and continuing concern to promote the image of the companies in the Industrial Park, there by promoting business Galati.