Galati Industrial Park
Safe and successful business

Under current legislation, there are uses in the industrial park permits and prohibitions.

Uses allowed:
  • construction of industrial and warehousing operation, clean profiled activities;
  • construction of administrative functions, commercial, food, service headquarters;
  • building the technical infrastructure of the area;
  • building the stationary car;
  • green spaces, protective plantations.

Definitive prohibition:
  • units with special technological risk which could seriously affect environmental factors;
  • any private work in areas reserved for works of public utility;
  • construction or design provisional unsightly fire hazard generating;
  • units without proper technical equipment;
  • landfill of any products and risk for environmental factors.

The areas in which investments can be made in the industrial park are:

  • distribution dominated goods storage and logistics activities, held near container terminals, transport infrastructure (roads, railways, waterways) and customs points;
  • industry dominated by production activities and / or processing, with the possibility to concentrate on various top industries, eg. information technology, steel products processing industry, Bio-technology, audio-video industry, food industry, marine industry;
  • business activities dominated consulting, design, research and development, and business management activities;
  • services dominated by service industries.

Other information necessary for investors:

  • opening a business in Romania involves about 5 days for incorporation;
  • opening a business in Romania involves costs about 200 euro for incorporation;
  • of payroll, 28.45% gross wage social contributions are payable by the employer;
  • average net wage is 356 euros;
  • net minimum wage is 181 euros;