Best of Galati

The advantages that the Galati area offers:

Academic environment with traditional

In Galati are:
  • 2 universities "Lower Danube" and "Danubius";
  • 20 faculties (food chemistry, naval architecture, medicine, engineering, economics, etc.);
  • 10 doctoral schools;
  • 1 MBA;

They provide a highly skilled and skilled workforce.

The second largest urban agglomeration

Galati-Braila is the second largest urban agglomeration in Romania. Completion of the bridge over the Danube in the fall of 2023. Whether we are talking about the economic, social or administrative dimension, the Galaţi - Braila conurbation manifests itself as a "center of gravity" of the South-East Region of Romania. The distance between Galaţi and Braila is only 23 km, even 12 km within its marginal limits. As a population, according to statistical data provided by the INS, out of a total of almost 2.8 million inhabitants in the South-East Region, Galaţi and Braila have a combined population of 960,000. The counties of Galaţi and Braila have over 32 percent of the population employed in various economic activities in the South-East Region of Romania, of which the largest population employed in industrial activities. Elements favorable to the conurbation Galaţi - Braila are, at the level of the South-East Region, also those related to the health infrastructure and the one for the quality of life. Regarding the healthcare infrastructure, the largest number of hospital beds is found in the Galati - Braila area, with over 4,800 beds out of the almost 14,000 beds in the region, ie 34.6 percent of the total. On the quality side of life, Galaţi - Braila owned at the end of last year over a third of the housing stock and the living area of the region, most localities with water installations and natural gas networks for population consumption, over 900 km of city streets and 1,311 hectares with green spaces. Also, Galaţi and Braila have the longest public, county and communal roads, but also modernized in the region. Likewise, the two counties together have the longest electrified track length and the only wide gauge railway, which facilitates the transport of goods to and from Eastern European and Asian countries.

From steel to Mechatronics

The city of Galati is the most important Romanian maritime industry center. The 'Damen' SA Shipyard assembles and repairs ships up to 65000 tdw. Also here is the largest steel plant, Liberty Galati SA, which, together with other specialized units, forms a strong metallurgical and steel sector. Even if Galati is recognized as a city with a tradition in steel and shipbuilding, recently, new, multidisciplinary fields such as mechatronics and robotics have developed. The new, modern directions have had a positive influence on the economic growth of the area.

Transportation facilities

In addition to the fact that the railway transport within the area is connected both to the wide gauge railway networks, used in the CIS and some Asian countries, and to the standard European railway networks, the companies have access to port services such as: loading / unloading a wide range of goods; stacking / mooring of goods by any means of transport; storage on concrete platforms and/or in warehouses

Strategic position

Galati is located on the border with the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine, 80 km from the Black Sea. Crossed by an important pan-European corridor no. 7 - (Nuremberg - Vienna - Budapest - Bratislava - Belgrade - Drobeta Turnu Severin - Vidin / Calafat - Giurgiu / Ruse - Galati - Black Sea). It is also surrounded by three flowing waters - the Danube River and the Siret and Prut rivers.

Existence of the Galati Free Zone

The Galati Free Zone is an important point of storage, warehousing and transit between the markets of Europe and the Orient. It is a strategic point in the eastern part of the city, on its territory meeting all means of communication: road, mixed Russian-European railway and naval; has a Barbosi Triaj sorting station in the village of Movileni